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Embedding your TigYog content on another site or app (BETA!)

TigYog is primarily a standalone platform. However, you can also embed TigYog content in other platforms, or on your own site.

TigYog in an iframe

You can embed any TigYog page within an iframe. For example, to embed this chapter about vectors in your webpage, use:


Enabling the embedded UI

TigYog’s standard UI includes things like the sidebar menu and the account menu, which are designed for viewing TigYog in a full page. To optimize your TigYog page for embedding, you can add the URL query parameter ui=embedded, like this:

Visit that URL in your browser, and notice several changes:

The sidebar menu does not appear.

The account menu does not appear.

The end-of-chapter navigation does not appear.

Tips for

If you’re using, you can add “custom code” to your lesson. This is arbitrary HTML. Try copy-pasting this starter code:

  style="width: 100%; height: calc(100vh - 270px); border: 0;"

Teachable adds a “Complete and continue” button below your embedded TigYog page. If you wish to remove that button, you can follow this guide.

Tips for

Thinkific adds a “Complete & Continue” button below your embedded TigYog page. If you wish to remove that button, you can use their Custom CSS feature to hide it.

Tips for

Future 🔮

User account integration. Currently, your learners will have to sign up for a separate TigYog account to save their progress. You may wish to integrate this with your site or platform’s user account system. If so, get in touch.

Are there other UI adjustments that TigYog needs when embedded in your site? If so, get in touch.

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