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Getting paid 💸

You can charge for your TigYog content. Here’s how it works.

Setting up Stripe

To get money to your bank account, TigYog uses Stripe. Visit your writer’s corner, and click “Get paid with Stripe”. Follow the instructions on After completing the set-up, you’ll be redirected back to

Any issues, contact Jim.

Letting readers buy your course

To let readers buy your course, add a “Buy” button on your course homepage.

You can edit the price of your course at the bottom of the Buy button.

You can add multiple “Buy” buttons to your course homepage. For example, you might want one at the top, for visitors that already know they want to buy; and another button at the bottom, for visitors that were convinced by reading the course homepage.

Restricting access with paywalls

By default, content on TigYog is freely accessible to everyone.

To restrict content to paid users, put it in a chapter below a “paywall” block. This is the only way to restrict content.

To read paywalled content in any chapter, a reader must buy your entire course. There is no chapter-level payment, or any other way to read your paywalled content.

It’s up to you where in the chapter to put your paywall! We recommend showing enough free content to let the reader know what the chapter is about, to sample it, and to leave them wanting more.

To make a chapter free, just don’t add a paywall to it. For example, you may wish to make your first chapter free.

There is no “course-level” access control. To make an entire course free, just don’t add paywalls to its chapters. To make an entire course course paid, add paywalls to all of its chapters.

Discount codes (BETA)

TigYog has a “discount code” feature. However, you can’t edit your course’s discount codes yet — contact Jim to set this up.

Future features ... 🔮

“Pay what you want” pricing is not possible (yet).

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